24 Hours of Nurburgring Update #2

Over 5 hours in and Phoenix Racing Audi #99 is still out in first. Apparently, the R8 LMS is capable of getting one more lap under its belt per driver stint than the competition snapping at its heels from the Porsche GT3’s. At one point, the R8 managed to pull out a full one minute lead but the aggressive 997’s have since closed the gap down to 10 seconds. 

In the interim, the Abt Sportline R8 #97 has slipped into third place while the other Phoenix Racing R8 dropped down to 11th place due to a driver change from Stuck to Biela and due to the 3 minute stop-go penalty – which Stuck says was an accident where he passed a car under a yellow flag then conceded the position – which was missed by marshals. 


R8 #100 is back in the game after an impact which shut them down then caused a delay from traffic. They’re back up and running after the electronics problems caused by the incident were sorted out. Unfortunately, this probably takes R8 #100 out of the contention for the top 5 placement like its sister cars.

Rockenfeller has the quote of the race with ” …The car is running fine but there still is a damned long time to go.”