24 Hours of Nurburgring: The Results

Well, after 24 grueling hours on the world’s most difficult track, Audi has survived and even better, has ranked as high as second place with R8 #97 of the Abt Sportline team. This is an excellent placement considering the mechanical issues from accidents and a vicious, back-and-forth battle for the top spots with two Manthey Porsches – most of the race was spent with the Porsches on the same lap of a 150+ laps on a 14.2 mile circuit.

Audi R8 #99 managed a 5th place finish overall, again, being boxed out from 3rd and 4th by the ubiquitous 997 GT3’s. R8 #98, which was hanging near the front of the field but fell back due to mechanical problems found itself in 12th place while R8 #100 moved up from 27th place to 23rd place. Overall, the R8 LMS performed incredibly well for its first major outing considering how new the cars are for customer sportscar racing. This test of the R8 LMS shows that Audi’s newest baby has a lot to prove in the coming endurance races.

Check out this video for in-car footage from the R8 LMS at dusk and with a little rain keeping the track a little scarier than usual.