21 year old Formula 3 leader in Audi RS5 DTM

The pilot of the Audi RS5 DTM Racer, for this weekend’s DTM Russian round at Moscow Raceway, will be the 21 year old Italian Antonio Giovinazzi. The former Formula 3 leader will be taking the place of Timo Scheider, the usual RS5 DTM driver, as Scheider has been excluded the DTM event at Moscow by the sports court of the German Motorsport Association (DMSB).

AUTO TEST Audi RS5 DTM #93 (Audi Sport Team Phoenix), Antonio Giovinazzi
AUTO TEST Audi RS5 DTM #93 (Audi Sport Team Phoenix), Antonio Giovinazzi

The Martina Franca, Southern Italy native will be piloting a numer 93 racer, to match his birth year. In a recent evaluation of young drivers for Audi’s Sport DTM, Giovinazzi left a strong enough impression to put him in this weekend’s race. For the DTM’s Russian round this weekend, Giovinazzi had been scheduled as the driver of an Audi RS5 DTM race taxi for the first time. Now, the Italian is making his debut in the internationally popular touring car racing series that will start with the rollout on Friday at 12.00, local time (11.00 CEST).

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The first of the two races at Moscow Raceway will start on Saturday at 16.33 (from approx. 15.20, CEST, live on ‘Das Erste’), the second race on Sunday at 16.13 (from 15.00, CEST, live on ‘Das Erste’).

Antonio Giovinazzi and his Audi RS5 DTM
Antonio Giovinazzi and his Audi RS5 DTM

Enormous credit must be given to Giovinazzi, as most young adults his age don’t have half of the focus he does, to make such a high-caliber racing team at his age. At 21 years old, most people are focusing all of their energy to figure out which pub their going to next. Giovinazzi has put his talent and focus to good use at a young age and is starting to see it pay off. It really is quite remarkable.

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