2022 Audi A8 Facelift Rendered with More Aggressive Look

Audi is currently working on a facelift for its top-end luxury car, the A8. We’ve already seen some spy photos of the new Audi A8 facelift, showing off a more aggressive look. So this new render shows off what that very A8 might look like, as it’s based off of the details seen in recent spy photos. (We don’t own the render but you can see it here)


In the new render, you can see the 2022 Audi A8 Facelift with angrier looking headlights. It’s a design seemingly borrowed from the Audi A4, surprisingly. They feature the same “L” shaped angular design as the pre-facelift Audi A4 and now the new Audi A3. We saw these headlights in the spy photos of the actual car, so we know they’re coming, but it’s interesting to see Audi sort of go backwards with its headlight design. The Audi A4 already ditched that design, so we’re wondering why Audi is going back to it.

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The grille design is all new, too. While the shape of the Singleframe grille is the same, it features a new grille insert. Instead of the horizontal grille slats of the pre-facelift car, the new car will have an angular checker board design.


This render also shows off a new front air intake and foglight design, which looks a bit sportier than before. So if this is how the A8 ends up looking, it will be more aggressive than it currently does. So we’re wondering if customers have been wanting a sportier look for the A8.


With the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class having just recently been released, the already relatively low-selling Audi A8 is going to need a big boost. So, for Audi’s sake, we’re hoping that the A8 gets a surprisingly big update, both inside and out. It’s going to need it if Audi wants to keep up with the new S-Class.


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[Source: Motor.es]


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