2022 Audi A4 Sedan Rendered With Evolutionary Design

Having gone through a substantial facelift in 2018, we’re not expecting the next-generation Audi A4 Sedan to be a clean slate in terms of design. The folks from Ingolstadt will likely play it safe by doing subtle revisions to the current design. QuattroDaily friend Tobias Büttner decided to dust off his crystal ball to try and see into the future of the revamped midsize luxury sedan. We’d argue the discreet styling influences from the new A3 Sedan suit its bigger brother quite nicely and we’re particularly fond of the intricate headlight design with modules split into two rows.

While the exterior is unlikely to be revamped, we’re expecting big changes inside the cabin where Audi will probably get rid of the tablet-styled MMI infotainment system most of the other models have already ditched. The touchscreen will likely be neatly integrated into the dashboard and we wouldn’t be surprised if the traditional climate controls will be replaced by a secondary touchscreen mounted lower on the center console as seen in the larger models.


Nearly a year ago, a rumor from Automobile Magazine emerged about Audi considering (up to a certain point) during development the possibility of demoting the next-gen A4 from its MLB underpinnings to the cheaper MQB platform. It appears the higher-ups ultimately decided against turning the A4 into a fancy Volkswagen Passat by retaining the MLB hardware with the longitudinally mounted engines rather than switching to a transverse layout.

Why was this even a subject of debate? Well, the bean counters at the VW Group are relentless in their search to make cost cuts, and an MQB-based A4 would have reportedly saved the automotive conglomerate over $1 billion. It’s not happening because Audi was concerned using less sophisticated hardware would’ve diluted the brand and what the A4 stands for.

The next-generation model is known internally by its codename, B10, and is said to look like a sportier and shorter A6 thanks to a design that apparently got “standing ovations” when it was shown to Audi execs. We should get an idea about the A4’s design next year when we’re expecting to see spy shots with prototypes undergoing public testing.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.