2021 Audi Q5 Videos Put The Spotlight On The Updated Design

We’ve been patiently waiting on Audi to give its successful luxury crossover a nip and tuck and now it’s finally here. To highlight the changes it has gone through, the Ingolstadt marque has released footage showing the novelties brought by the mid-cycle revision. Senior designer Dany Garand helps us get acquainted with the 2021 Q5 as we get to learn all about the cosmetic tweaks.

At the front, the updated crossover gets completely redesigned headlights with the LED daytime running lights now positioned at the very top. The car featured in the video below is in the S Line specification with the black package bringing dark accents throughout the exterior. There are actually four versions of the 2021 Q5 to choose from, with each featuring different grille and air intake designs.

As expected from a facelift, the side profile has been virtually carried over from the previous version. The only change is noticeable at the bottom where the door molding adopts a new look to counteract the floating upper character line, explains Dany Garand.

Moving at the back, by far the biggest change is the adoption of OLED taillights, which are now interconnected through a molding on the tailgate. It comes with a dark finish on the Q5 equipped with the black package, but you can also have it in chrome. Much like it’s the case with the front fascia, the rear bumper’s look depends on the trim level, and there are different exhaust tip arrangements.

The other Q5 video gives us a 360-degree tour of the 2021 Audi Q5 and allows us to get familiar with the digital OLED taillights. There are three segments embedded into each taillight, with each segment encompassing six modules that can be activated individually. Customers will be given the possibility to choose from one of the three available taillight signatures, plus a fourth setup that is activated automatically when the vehicle is in dynamic mode.

The implementation of digital OLED taillights has allowed Audi to fit the Q5 with a new feature called “proximity indication.” When the car is standing still and another vehicle gets dangerously close, all the OLED elements light up as a warning signal to avoid a potential collision. The rear light signature reverts to the original configuration once the Q5 drives off.

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Audi suggests the 2021 Q5 is a taste of things to come regarding what can be done with digital OLEDs, so we’re anxious to see how the technology will evolve in future models carrying the Four Rings.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.