2020 Audi SQ7 Will Start at $84,800 in North America

Finally, the Audi SQ7 is coming to America. It’s been a long wait, as we’ve seen both the first-gen SQ7 and pre-facelift current-gen SQ7 stay put on the other side of the Atlantic. However, this new model is coming ‘Stateside and it’s packing a whopping twin-turbo V8, with an equally whopping price tag.


When the SQ7 finally reaches our shores, it will carry with it a starting sticker price of $84,800 ($90,400 for Prestige trime). That’s not exactly cheap, especially when you consider the fact that the starting price of the standard Q7 is $54,800. That makes the SQ7 a $30,000 price increase, on the nose.

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However, for that extra thirty-large, you get quite a bit more car. For starters, the Audi SQ7 is powered by a 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8, a variant of the same engine powering the new RS Q8. That burly V8 gives it 500 hp and 568 lb-ft of torque, or enough to rocket the big seven-seater from 0-60 mph in just 4.3 seconds.


It also gets as-standard all-wheel steering, S-tuned air suspension and an optional sports package that gives it¬†Active Roll Stabilization, a sports rear differential and a 48-volt electric system to power it all. So it should handle as well as it accelerates. Even the standard Q7 is an impressive handling SUV, so we’re expecting great things for the SQ7.

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This is a lot more exciting than the diesel-powered version that the Euro-market gets. It’s rare that the US-market gets the more exciting variant of performance cars, so we’re reveling in our little victory with the Audi SQ7. It’s also nice to see Audi competing with its German rivals in the US, as the BMW X5 M50i and the Mercedes-AMG GLE53, or similar variants over the years, have already been on sale. Now Audi finally has a horse in this race and we’re happy to see it.

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