2020 Audi RS6 Avant In Nardo Gray Is Wagon Perfection

It’s ok to stare. We are, too. Nardo Gray is arguably one of the most desirable colors in Audi’s palette, and when you combine it with the company’s much-hyped RS6 Avant, you get a killer combo. Auditography had the privilege of shooting the long-roof beauty in the wonderful scenery provided by the Gassy village as well as the Plock city in Poland.

Beyond the excellent paint choice, the RS6 Avant had the optional 22-inch alloy wheels with the nifty “Y” spoke design lending the wagon a special look. In addition, whoever built this car in the configurator had an impeccable taste as the RS also has the black optics package with a dark finish for the logos and badges as well as some areas of the body, including the side mirror caps.

With this Nardo Gray example being a car built for the European market, it means Audi had to fit the RS6 Avant with a soft rev limiter. It forbids owners from going past 3,000 rpm while the gearbox is in neutral, a “feature”  some of your neighbors might actually like. That has to do with the stricter emissions regulations applicable in Europe, which is also forcing Audi to install particulate filters on many of its gasoline-fueled cars.

Seeing this lovely spec is a reminder of how the RS6 Avant is one of the few cars on sale today that’s just impossible not to like. Other than the prohibitive starting price of $109,000 in the US, it’s difficult to find negative things to say about Ingolstadt’s ultimate wagon. Well, maybe the lack of a manual gearbox, but those who can actually afford to pay six figures on a wagon would probably rather have the automatic.

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As impressive as the RS6 Avant is, it’ll be interesting to see how this generation will fare in terms of sales taking into account Audi Sport is doubling down on its RS-badged SUV offerings. These high-riding performance cars could cannibalize sales of the hot wagon, especially in an SUV-hungry market such as the US.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.