Audi R8 Rendering Proposes A New Look For The Rear End

After giving the Audi R8 a futuristic front fascia redesign a week ago, QuattroDaily friend spdesignsest is back to reveal how he would tweak the supercar’s derrière. While the changes are less obvious compared to what’s going on at the front, the subtle revisions do make Audi Sport’s flagship model look more modern. The taillights no longer lay flat, having been slightly tilted while gaining fresh graphics in keeping with the high-tech headlights.

You’ve probably figured out by now the adjacent rendering is based on the hotter R8 V10 Performance since it has the look-at-me wing. While that aerodynamic aid has been left untouched, the artist did make some modifications to another aero component by tinkering with the diffuser flanked by the dual oval exhaust tips. It has lost the multiple vertical fins for a cleaner layout that sends out a race car vibe, reminding us of the R8 LMS GT3.

Audi gave the R8 a mid-cycle update back in October 2018 and it’s likely too late in the model’s life cycle for another refresh. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to see how someone with no connections to the Four Rings whatsoever would change the supercar’s appearance. We’re finding the artist’s work to be quite interesting, especially what he has done to the front end design.

We’re curious to find out what Audi is planning for the R8’s successor taking into account the model will have to be electrified in one way or another to survive in an automotive industry impacted by stricter emissions regulations. While the ill-fated R8 E-Tron wasn’t that much different compared to its combustion-engined counterpart, a future hybrid or pure EV would likely look significantly different than today’s R8.

The stunning P18 E-Tron concept was likely a taste of things to come as far as the pinnacle of Audi Sport, and we’re hoping some of that design DNA will rub off on the R8’s replacement.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.