2020 Audi A5 Sportback Has Impressively Intricate Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting used to be a feature only found in luxury vehicles, but the fancy option has trickled down to lesser cars in recent years. Even the humble Skoda Octavia is a recipient of LEDs inside the cabin, along with its sister models Volkswagen Golf and the SEAT Leon. Staying within the VW Group, Audi has stepped up its ambient lighting game, with the 2020 A5 Sportback being an eloquent example.

If you don’t believe us, the video below shot by crospotter13 shows off the numerous ways to play with the ambient lighting. The color choices range from the pre-established ones picked by Audi to the individual options the owner can choose from, depending on mood and preferences. The LEDs would’ve looked a lot better at night, but with the video shot at a dealer in Croatia, there was no way to record the footage during the late hours.

In case you haven’t figured out by now, we’re dealing with an Audi A5 Sportback a bit on the expensive side. The Daytona Gray example is an S Line model in the 35 TDI specification and has an upgraded interior with loads of leather and Alcantara. Being the facelifted model, it boasts the larger MMI infotainment introduced with the mid-cycle update and features the latest Audi Virtual Cockpit.

The video goes through some of the ways you can tweak the digital instrument cluster via the MMI touchscreen, choosing from Classic, Sport, and Dynamic viewing modes. If none of them suit your style, the Virtual Cockpit can be further modified to show the info you want. These are the main perks of a digital screen compared to a traditional driver’s display where everything is fixed in place.

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You’ll be forgiven for believing the only change to the MMI system brought by the facelift is the jump in size from 8.3 to 10.1 inches. The infotainment system is actually based on the VW Group’s MIB3 setup, which Audi says it has 10 times the computing power of its predecessor. What does that actually mean? It translates to a silky smooth operation, the kind you get from a high-end smartphone. With the latest infotainment update, the company has eliminated the rotary push button found in the pre-facelift A5.

The video is a reminder of how much the A5 has evolved in terms of technology since its launch more than a decade ago. We’d argue styling has also greatly improved compared to the original A5 Sportback, especially with the launch of this facelifted model.

Adrian Padeanu

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