2019 NY Auto Show: Audi R8 Facelift — An Old Friend Drops By

Now that the Audi R8 is nearing its end, seeing it at the NY Auto Show is sort of sad. This is going to be one of the last times we’re going to see it here. We may only get one more chance. So we have to bring you a gallery of some live photos of it.

Seen here on the Auto Show stand, the Audi R8 looks surprisingly good. When I first saw the photos of the new R8’s facelift, I wasn’t in love with it. It was a bit too fussy and a bit too over-styled, I thought. After seeing it in person, though, I’m a fan. The new front end looks much lower than before, less upright, making it seem like a proper supercar.

The new grille also looks better, as it’s wider and shorter, which looks sportier and more aggressive. I also like the three little vents above it. They’re designed to be a throwback to the old Audi Ur Quattro and while they might not immediately bring thoughts of that fire-spitting rally car, they do look cool. They’re also more subtle that pictures make them look, which is good.

It’s not just a facelift, either. The rear end looks better too, thanks mostly to its new oval exhaust pipes which are more in keeping with the rest of the Audi Sport lineup.

Overall, it’s just great to be able to see the Audi R8 at the auto show while we still can. And even in its relatively old age, it still turns a ton of heads. Journalists and enthusiasts are still stopping to take photos of it, even all these years later. So it seems as if the facelift did its job in slightly improving on an already good looking car. If only it wasn’t leaving soon.

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