2019 NY Auto Show: Audi Q3 makes its North American Debut

We’ve been waiting for this for awhile now. This new second-generation of Audi Q3 is poised to be a massive step up from the disappointing first-gen car and we’re finally able to see it in person. While it’s been released in Europe already, the Q3 made its official North American debut at the 2019 NY Auto Show and we were finally able to see it in person.

It looks much better than the old car, with more aggressive body lines, muscular wheel arches and angry headlights. It’s not gorgeous, per say, but it’s a handsome little thing that’s far better looking than its predecessor.

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Where the Audi Q3 really shines is inside. Its interior is superb, especially for the segment. Personally, I was extremely impressed with the build quality and solidity. Its doors open and shut with a noise and feel more typically associate with more expensive cars. Seriously, it felt like an A8. Once inside, you’re met with lovely materials, an excellent ergonomic design and some sportier touches that make it feel more youthful and modern. For instance, the fuzzy bits of orange Alcantara throughout the car seen here.

Back seat space was more impressive than we thought it’d be and trunk space is also quite capacious. So it’s just as practical as it is stylish on the inside. There are also little cubbies and pockets to store things all over the place. One oddity, though, was the fact that the Touch Response MMI system lacked the haptic feedback we’re used to. We’re not sure if that’s unique of the less expensive Q3 or a setting that was turned off or maybe just this auto show-mule didn’t have the function. Either way, it doesn’t feel as nice without the haptic feedback but it’s no deal-breaker.

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Overall, we’re impressed by the new Audi Q3 and it could be the premium crossover in the segment to beat. Although, we also played around with the Range Rover Evoque and that might have something to say about it.

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