2019 NY Auto Show: Audi A7 wins World Luxury Car of the Year

At the 2019 New York Auto Show, the World Car Awards announced the winners of all of their major awards. One of which was World Luxury Car of the Year and the winner was the new Audi A7.

We’re actually surprised the Audi A7 won the award. Not because it’s a bad car or that it isn’t deserving because it’s a great car and, apparently, it is deserving. We’re surprised because of just how good all of the other contenders and finalists were.

Among the other finalists were the Audi Q8, BMW 8 Series, Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class and the VW Touareg. Those are excellent cars and all would have made sense as winners for this award. The car we’re most surprised by it beating is the 8 Series, though. Having driven the new 8 Series, we know that it’s a superb car and one that drives even better than it looks. It’s also even more expensive and premium than the A7.

However, understand why the A7 won, even if we’re a bit pleasantly surprised. Not only is it great looking and sports a great interior but it’s also extremely comfortable and surprisingly practical. While that sloping roofline might make it looks sleek and slender, its liftback tailgate actually opens up to a rather cavernous trunk. It makes owning a luxury car that much better, as it makes life that much easier. Plus, it still looks great. So even though it’s practical, it’s no wagon or hatchback, it’s a properly pretty car.

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That combination of style, comfort, luxury and practicality is likely why it beat out its other competitors. Oddly enough, we think the Audi Q8, another contender, might be even better value, thanks its much larger size and it’s ever-so-slightly cheaper price tag. Plus, the Q8 is just as nice inside.

Still, the Audi A7 is a fantastic car and we’re pleasantly surprised it own World Luxury Car of the Year.

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