2019 LA Auto Show: 2020 Audi S8 — Audi’s Latest Luxury Bruiser

While the Audi e-tron Sportback and RS6 Avant are stealing the show at the Audi stand here in LA, there’s another new product with four rings that’s every bit as awesome as those to; the all-new Audi S8. While it might have flown under the radar a bit, considering the massive influx of new Audi products as of late, the new S8 is a genuinely incredible machine and it’s making its North American debut here at the 2019 LA Auto Show.


The all-new Audi S8 is, obviously, built on the current A8, a car that we already like quite a bit. Considering the standard A8 on which it’s based is already so good, we expect the new S8 to be absolutely incredible.

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Powering the big brute is a new 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8, making 563 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque. That puts it right in line with cars like the Mercedes-AMG S63 and BMW M760Li. But, in fact, we think it looks better than both of those cars and sports an even nicer interior.


Sitting in the Audi S8 is an absolute delight. It’s packed with rich materials and stunning leather. It’s every bit as lovely to be in as the standard car but actually provides a bit more drama, thanks to some of its sportier touches.


One of the more interesting parts of the new Audi S8 is its suspension. It packs an electromechanical suspension setup that uses electric motors to actually pre-adjust the suspension to bumps in the road. So it can actually lift its own body up, raising its ride height ahead of time, to completely mask each and every bump. In fact, it makes speed bumps seem almost nonexistent. It’s very impressive.


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The all-new Audi S8 has the chance to become one of the very best luxury sedans on the market, thanks to its combination of brutal speed, fabulous interior and effortless luxury. We can’t wait to get an S8 back home for a week so we can give it a proper test. We have a feeling it won’t disappoint.

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