2019 Audi RS Q3 Rendered — Looks Good

We are very excited about the new Audi Q3, here at QuattroDaily. The first generation was underwhelming to say the least but this new Q3 seems incredibly promising. What’s even more promising is the future prospect of sportier models. For instance, an Audi RS Q3.

While Audi hasn’t explicitly said that there will be an RS Q3 in the future, we’ve already seen spy photos of what seems to be one. We also know that Audi Sport plans on making more SUVs in the coming years. So it only makes sense that such a car will exist in the near future. And when it does, we hope it looks like this new render by X-Tomi.

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In keeping with modern Audi Sport styling, this Audi RS Q3 render isn’t that much different than the standard Q3. It’s more aggressive for sure but not obnoxiously so. So it gets larger front air intakes that are lined with a bit of carbon fiber trim, similar to what you’ll find on an Audi RS5. Also, its new octagonal Singleframe grille is finished in gloss black, as are the mirror caps. It also has similar wheels to those of the RS5.

Standard Audi Q3

We don’t know what sort of engine might power the Audi RS Q3 and it’s a bit tricky to guess. It won’t use the 2.9 liter twin-turbo V6 from the RS5, as that’s designed to be a longitudinally-mounted engine and the RS Q3, being built on Audi’s MQB platform, will use transversely mounted engines. In that case, the only engine we see working well would be the brand’s brilliant 2.5 liter turbocharged five-cylinder which, in RS3 and TT RS-guises, makes 400 hp and 354 lb-ft of torque. Those power figures out be more than enough in the relatively small RS Q3.

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After seeing the new Audi Q3, we can’t wait to see more model variants and the Audi RS Q3 is the one we’re most excited about.

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