2019 Audi Q3 to debut in US this summer, start at $36,000

Since it was revealed, we’ve talked a lot about how impressed we are with the new Audi Q3 from a far. We saw ‘from a far’ because we haven’t actually had the chance to drive it yet. However, that will soon change, as the Audi Q3 will be released in America this summer and will come with a very attractive price tag.

Starting life at around $36,000, give or take a bit, the Audi Q3 will be a very attractive crossover to most Audi customers. At that price point, you’re getting a nicely sized crossover that looks great, with a fresh and modern design, and one that packs one of the most stylish interiors in the segment.

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That starting price is a bit higher than its predecessor, which started at around $33,000. However, it does come with quite a bit more kit. For starters, it has a better engine; an all-new 2.0 liter turbocharged four-pot making 228 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. That engine is now paired with an eight-speed automatic, which is a huge step up from the old-school six-speed unit. The new Q3 will also come with Quattro all-wheel drive as-standard, whereas the previous-gen car was front-wheel drive to start.

This new Audi Q3 is also significantly nicer on the inside and far more spacious. Rather than the old Golf-like interior of the previous car, this new one sports a very stylish, high-tech cabin. While we don’t know what sort of features will be standard, we do know that Audi’s excellent Virtual Cockpit and Touch Response MMI systems will be available.

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We can’t wait to get the new Audi Q3 here and give it a proper test. Not that the Q3 is an overly exciting car but we were just so disappointed with its predecessor that we’re very interested to test this new, much more promising car.

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