2019 Audi Q3 Rendered and looks accurate

We’ve seen quite a lot of spy photos of the 2019 Audi Q3 in recent weeks. It’s a car reveal we’re eagerly anticipating, as the current-gen Q3 is quite disappointing and needs to be replaced. Thankfully, judging from the spy photos, it’s going to be replaced with something far more impressive looking. Now, Motor1 has decided to render the Audi Q3, based on what they’ve seen from the aforementioned spy shots, and it looks to be quite accurate.

From the front, it gets similar headlights to the Audi Q8, as well as its octagonal grille, rather than the hexagonal one of most Audis. It also seems to get a heavily creased hood and swollen front fender flares, making it looks sharper, more aggressive and more muscular. That sort of visual drama is necessary, as the current Q3 has the visual drama of a goldfish. Out back, it gets a similar shape as the Audi Q5 but with more aggressive taillights. Unfortunately, it seems to have gotten the Q5’s fake exhausts.

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We do really like the flared rear wheel arches, which give it muscular rear haunches and a more aggressive look. Again, the current Q3 is about as bland and unexciting as it gets, so this is a very welcome change. We even like the choice of wheels that Motor1 gave it.

Though Motor1 didn’t render the inside, we already know that it gets a new MMI system that features the top touchscreen of the Audi Q8’s but lacks the bottom one. So its HVAC controls are done with physical buttons and knobs, thankfully. We also know that it will be getting the latest version of Audi’s Virtual Cockpit, at least as an option, which will make it the most high-tech car in its class.

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Overall, if this is what the Audi Q3 ends up looking like, we’ll be very happy campers. This looks significantly better than the current Q3 and is a handsome little SUV. Thankfully, this render was made after seeing many spy photos, so the final production car should look a lot like it. We can only hope, as this looks quite good.

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