2019 Audi A1 to be built…by SEAT?

If you don’t already know, SEAT is the Spanish leg of the Volkswagen Group. While they typically just build rebadged Volkswagens, SEAT can actually make some genuinely enjoyable cars, such as the SEAT Leon Cupra R. So it’s not as if the Spanish brand doesn’t know how to build a car. Now, we’re hearing that the upcoming Audi A1 will be produced by SEAT.

So rather than the Brussels, Belgium plant that built the previous Audi A1, this new model will be built in Martorell, Spain.

“Over the last years, the Martorell plant with its highly qualified employees has produced our Audi Q3 and made this model a great success. The plant has gained a lot of experience with our extremely quality-oriented Audi production system. Therefore, Martorell is for us the ideal place to manufacture our new Audi A1, one of our strategic pillars in this segment.” said Peter Kössler, Board of Management Member for Production and Logistics at Audi AG.

It’s a sentiment shared by SEAT Vice-president for Production and Logistics Dr. Christian Vollmer, who said “having the manufacture of the Audi A1 allocated here at Martorell is an acknowledgement of the excellent work carried out by the SEAT Martorell team on the production of the Audi Q3 in recent years. The Audi A1 will be made under the highest quality standards, confirming the Audi Group’s commitment to the Martorell factory as a strategic production location for the Volkswagen Group’s global network.”

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The Audi A1 will join the SEAT Ibiza and Arona. It will be built on the same MQB platform that underpins almost all Volkswagen/SEAT vehicles. When it finally debuts, it will also likely be the most premium, more high-tech car in its class, thanks to its new Touch Response MMI system and digital instrument panel. We can’t wait to give it a whirl.

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