2018 Paris Motor Show: Audi SQ2 — Live Photos

We just recently and officially learned about the Audi SQ2, the sporty variant of Audi’s smallest SUV. It’s the one to buy if you want something small, sporty and stylish but can also forgo some interior space and practicality. It had been rumored for a long time but now it’s finally here and we’re here at the 2018 Paris Motor Show where we can see it up close and personal.

It looks really sharp in person, with its boxy looks and sharp lines. Its muscular shoulder line and fat, blacked-out C-pillar are designed to make it look like the original Audi Quattro. While we won’t go that far, they do combine to make the Audi SQ2 look sporty and exciting, even if it is just based on a little ole Q2.

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To distinguish itself from its standard Audi Q2 sibling, it gets blacked out trim pieces, such as its Singleframe grille surround, window trim and the “Quattro” trim piece on the door panels. It also gets quad exhausts out back, a signature Audi S-car staple and one that makes the little Audi SQ2 looks much sportier than the standard dual exhausts.

Under the hood, the Audi SQ2 gets a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that makes 296 hp, just a few ponies shy of the new Audi S3. That power is capable of getting the SQ2 from 0-60 mph in a claimed 4.8 seconds, which is actually quite good. That’s almost Audi S4 speed. It will likely do that sprint a bit faster than claimed, though, as all Audis are faster than their claimed times suggest.

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Unfortunately, we don’t get even the standard Audi Q2 in America, so there’s really no hope for the Audi SQ2. Which is shame because it’s an exciting little car and would likely sell like crazy, here in the ‘States where small, stylish crossovers are far more popular than sedans.

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