2018 Geneva Motor Show: Live Photos of the Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Concept

As it turns out, Audi wasn’t the only company showing off a radical new EV at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. While the Audi e-tron was a big deal, it wasn’t alone, as there was another German there flexing its electrons. The Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Concept also debuted, showing off a very impressive electric car that’s also a sort of rugged wagon.

The Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo is the second Mission E concept from Porsche, with the first one just being an all-electric sedan. This, though, is an all-electric wagon with some rugged body cladding and an adjustable air suspension that can raise the ride height by 2 inches.

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That last sentence has to cause nausea among Porsche purists, those that still pine for the days of air-cooled 911s. This new Mission E Cross Turismo Concept is basically the antithesis of those old-school Porsches. It’s not only all-electric but it’s a wagon, is slightly taller and has been designed for a more active lifestyle. Whoa.

So rather than an air-cooled flat-six, it sports two electric motors, one at each axle. Those two motors combine to make 590 hp and can propel the Mission E from 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds. So while it’s not the purists of powertrains, it’s flipping fast.

It’s said that it will have 800-volt charging capability, which means it will have the ability to charge up to 200 miles of range in as little as 15 minutes. That means it could likely charge its entire battery in 30 minutes. That’s enough time to grab a coffee, eat a donut and take a whiz (do people still say whiz?) and get back on the road.

Theres no word on if/when the Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo will actually become a proper production car. However, when it does, it will be a force in the industry. It will be able to take on the Audi e-tron, Tesla Model X and the upcoming electric BMW X3.

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