2018 Detroit Auto Show: BMW X2 — The Audi Q2’s Bavarian Competition

Since its debut, the Audi Q2 has sort of been in a class by itself. Sure, there are other compact premium crossovers but the Q2 is a bit different. It slots in a underneath cars like the Audi Q3 and acts as a sportier, more modern and more youthful alternative to the Q3, as well as the BMW X1 and Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class. Now, though, there’s another car in the mix and it competes directly with the Q2 — the BMW X2. And the new Bavarian just recently made its debut at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show.

Designed to be BMW’s new sporty crossover, the BMW X2 is smaller than the X1 but more expensive. Though, it’s not as expensive as the much larger X3. The BMW X2 is aimed at a more youthful, urban crowd, so styling was paramount in its development. And its style is certainly interesting. Some love it, some hate it but, either way, there’s no denying that it’s different looking from every other Bavarian.

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From the front, the BMW X2 is angry and aggressive, especially with its M Sport X Design trim that brings larger front air intakes and black exterior trim. One odd quirk is that the X2’s signature BMW Kidney Grille’s seem to be upside down. We can’t tell if they look good or not but they do catch the eye. Its headlights are also quite aggressive.

The X2’s roofline is far sportier than that of the BMW X1 and it makes it seem like more of an athlete. The best part of the X2 lies on the side of the car as well and that’s the little BMW Roundel on the C-pillar of the car. It’s a throwback to cars like the BMW 3.0 CS and it looks cool. Not something you really see anymore.

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When compared to the Audi Q2, the BMW X2 is a bit angrier, a bit sportier looking. The Q2 is a bit more modern, looking high-tech and chic, thanks to its boxier, more contemporary styling. It’s hard to choose which one looks better but I really think it will come own to personal taste.

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