2018 Audi Q8 to really distinguish itself from Q7

We spoke yesterday about how Audi wanted to separate its models’ design language more so than it currently does. Audi stressed that it wants to make the Audi A7 significantly different from the A6 on which it’s based, giving it a much more upscale look and feel. Well, the four-ringed brand isn’t stopping there, as it’s going to be doing something similar to the upcoming Audi Q8 SUV.

Based on the Audi Q7, the upcoming Q8 SUV will be Audi’s co-flagship vehicle with the A8. This means it will have more luxury, technology, performance and sporty styling than any other SUV in the Audi range. And because it’s going to be so much bigger, better and more exciting, Audi doesn’t want it looking like the more plebeian Q7.

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With a more aggressive, coupe-like design and more sweeping C-pillar, the upcoming Audi Q8 will be both sportier than the Q7 and more luxurious. Whereas the current, second-generation Audi Q7 is a bit boxy, the Q8 will be smooth, aggressive and exciting. As it should be if it’s going to be the brand’s flagship SUV. Despite sharing its chassis architecture and probably many of its engines, the Q8 will be vastly different from its Q7 brethren.

Audi Q8 render
Audi Q8 render

As far as engines go, the Q8 will likely carry the usual line of diesel engines, the 4.0 liter TFSI V8 and likely a e-tron plug-in hybrid powertrain to round out the lineup. There’s even word of a possible Audi SQ8 TDI in the works, which would use the same V8 TDI engine with electric turbocharging as the Audi SQ7 TDI.

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Expect a lot of styling cues from the Audi Prologue Concept, as the upcoming Q8 is one of the few new Audi models that will be designed entirely by, Prologue-designer and new Audi Director of Design, Marc Lichte.

When it finally debuts some time late next year, the Audi Q8 will take on cars like the Range Rover Autobiography and the upcoming BMW X7 SUVs. To do so, it’s going to need to pack the most advanced technology and impressive luxury in the business. There will likely be a suite of impressive new autonomous driving aids, with level 3 autonomy, and even a buttonless interior. Typically, Audi and the Germans don’t like touchscreens, so a buttonless interior could mean touch-sensitive buttons with haptic feedback, much like the Porsche Panamera that also shares the VW Group’s MLB platform.

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With all of the success of the Audi Q7, we’re very excited to see what the brand from Ingolstadt has in store for the Audi Q8. Stay tuned with us for any more details or updates.

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