2018 Audi A8 teased again in new video

If you don’t already know that the 2018 Audi A8 will be debuting in the new film, Spider-Man: Homecoming, you haven’t been reading car news recently. Audi does not want us to forget the fact that we can see the new A8 in Spider-Man. It’s sort of a commonplace for Audi to debut new and exciting models in Marvel movies, especially after the first-gen Audi R8 in “Iron Man” (2008) and the Audi SQ7 in “Captain America: Civil War” (2016). So we’re not surprised by the new A8’s appearance in the latest web-slinging film but we are excited about it.

It seems that Audi is as well, as the brand has been teasing the upcoming Audi A8 and Spider-Man film in a few recent videos. In this latest one, a father is sitting in the back seat covered in a net that’s made to look like the web Spider-Man slings. His son, dressed as the aforementioned superhero, is standing outside of the car with the rear driver’s side door open. The father is smiling, thinking that his son will soon get him out of the web. Until his son closes the door.

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Now the father is thinking his son has now locked him in the car. His son runs to the passenger side rear window to look at him through the window and then runs away. This leaves the father stuck in the backseat, in a web, without the ability to escape. But rather than fight it, he presses a touch button on the center armrest controller. This opens a panel on the back of the front passenger seat, giving him a space for his feet. When he puts his feet on the footrest and against the front seatback, it starts to massage his feet. That’s right, the new Audi A8 has an optional foot massager.

This is just another cool feature that Audi is showing off before the official debut of the 2018 Audi A8 at the Audi Summit in Barcelona. Peter Parker, Spider-Man’s alter ego, also takes his driver’s test in the new A8, while showing off some of its impressive features, in a recent video.

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