2017 Frankfurt Motor Show: Live Photos of Audi Aicon

The 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show might as well be renamed the “2017 Hybrid and Autonomous Car Show”, as it seems that alternative fuels and technologies have taken the main stages of every automotive brand in Frankfurt. From Ingolstadt, the main even was the Audi Aicon Concept, which shows off the brand’s idea of the future of mobility. It’s a very funky looking car but it looks even weirder in person, especially on the inside. And since we were able to see the Aicon up close, in person, we’re bringing you some live photos of the brand’s newest concept.

From the outside, it’s actually pretty boring. The front end is kind of cool and so is the rear end but most of it looks like a pretty generic EV or hybrid. However, it’s very clearly a futuristic hybrid car. Where it gets really interesting is on the inside. More specifically, what isn’t on the inside.

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Open the four doors of the Audi Aicon and you’ll see a massive, wide-open entryway, as the rear doors open rearward and the B-pillarless design creates a huge opening. From there’ you’ll see only two seats that can slide back and forth and even swivel outward, to allow easier ingress. Then, you’ll notice that there isn’t a steering wheel or pedals at all, as the Aicon is a fully autonomous car, with an Audi-claimed Level 5 autonomy, which is the highest level.

Audi fans typically don’t get too excited by autonomous cars, as we’d much rather talk about the brand-new Audi RS4 Avant and R8 RWS. However, this Aicon is important to the Audi brand and is something we should take a closer look at. If you’re interested in doing so, take a look at these new live photos from Frankfurt. Stay tuned for more in the coming days.

Nico DeMattia

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