2017 Audi A8 getting OLED technology

New details are starting to emerge about the highly anticipated 2017 Audi A8. According to UK magazine Auto Express, the next-generation flagship sedan from Ingolstadt will benefit from OLED lighting technology for the displays inside the cabin.

In addition, the next A8 will come with a semi-autonomous driving system encompassing 12 ultrasonic sensors, laser scanners, long-range radar sensors and hi-res video cameras for capturing what’s going on around the vehicle. This system will enable the A8 to literally drive itself at speeds of up to 37 mph.

2014 Audi A8 facelift official design sketch
2014 Audi A8 facelift official design sketch

The report goes on to specify the 2017 Audi A8 will feature electric turbochargers for select engines, while the MLB Evo platform will enable a significant weight loss of approximately 200 kg while the design will take cues from the 2014 Prologue concept. A plug-in hybrid version wearing the e-tron badge is also in the works and will obviously be the most economical model of the range.

via Auto Express

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