2017 Audi A6/A7 to offer Competition Package

The current generation Audi A6 is on its last legs, as it’s already received a mid-cycle refresh and Audi is currently working on a new model. Plus, it’s starting to show its age a bit, especially since the competition is getting stronger, as Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar have already released the new E Class and XF, respectively and BMW is working on a new 5 Series. However, Audi still has another trick up its sleeve to help keep the A6 relevant a little while longer — the Competition Package.

Audi A6

For 2017 models, Audi will be offering a new Competition Package for all A6 and A7 3.0T models. This Comp. Pack gives the A6 3.0T a power bump up o 340, only seven more ponies than before, while torque stays the same, at 325 lb-ft. However, it does add a rear sports differential, the very same one offered on the S6, new 20″ wheels, red brake calipers and S Sport Valcona leather seats with diamond contrast stitching. So the A6 3.0T Competition Package won’t be much faster, but it will handle better and look much better, both inside and out. With the Comp. Pack, the A6 3.0T costs $68,550, which we feel is well worth it.

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For the Audi A7 3.0T, the Comp. Pack bumps the price up to $77,500 and it will receive all of the same treatment as the A6. On the flip-side, the Audi S7 has received a price drop, down $3,000 to $80,850, thanks to a new lower trim level, Premium Plus.

Audi A6

The new Competition Package breathes some life into a car that was starting to get just a bit stale, even though it’s still an excellent car, and will help it fend off new competitors. The Comp. Pack makes the A6 look better, gives it a better interior and will even make it handle better, thanks to that new rear diff. It won’t actually be any faster in the real world, as seven horsepower is nothing to write home about, but it’s nice to know you have the extra seven ponies. So if you’re wondering whether or not the Competition Package is worth the extra scratch, yes, it seems like it is.

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