2017 Audi A5 heavily teased ahead of reveal

Audi will be revealing its upcoming successor to the current-generation A5 on June 2, following a massive light show at the Audi Forum. It’s going to be quite an event and we’re very excited for the unveiling of Audi’s latest sports car next Thursday. However, we’ve been given a bit of a taste of the upcoming Audi A5 ahead of time with a new hashtag campaign.

Audi has a world premiere countdown website up for the upcoming A5 with a hashtag campaign called #NowThatsACoupe, where Audi, as well as fans, will hashtag different images with “#Nowthats” in front of whatever the context is. For instance, #NowThatsLighting, which shows off the new headlights of the A5, or #NowThatsCurvy, which shows off a curvy model and an A5 tackling curvy roads.

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In these images and GIFs, we actually get to see quite a lot of the upcoming Audi A5. The headlights, for example, are completely shown in the #NowThatsLighting GIF. The new Audi A5 headlights will be similar to the current B9-generation Audi A4’s, although they won’t have that sort of twin-fork design on the inner side of the them. Instead, they’ll be more singular in design, with twin rectangular lights inside and an LED “eyebrow” indicator. They look very good actually, sleek and high-tech.

There’s another GIF, wearing #NowThatsMuscles, that shows off the rear haunches of the new Audi A5. The current-generation A5 always had a very muscular design, especially at its rear haunches, which made it seem powerful and athletic. That muscularity is a big part of why the current Audi A5 still looks so good. In this new GIF, we see an athletic guy doing pushups and also get to see the rear haunches of the new A5 and they still look muscular and athletic, which is a refreshing sign.

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So far, we’ve now seen the headlights and the muscular rear haunches of the new Audi A5 and things are looking very good. If the next-generation A5 can keep all of the style and athleticism as the current car but also gain the sharp lines and high-tech feel of the new Audi A4, it will be an absolute hit. We’re excited for June 2 and you should be as well.


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