2016 Audi S8 Plus – The Pinnacle Of Performance

Audi is currently working on a successor to the current A8, its largest flagship luxury sedan. However, Audi will not let this current model go gently into the good night. The S8 Plus is here to give the current A8 lineup a shouting and roaring sendoff. And what a sendoff it will be.

The current Audi S8 develops a healthy 520 hp from its twin-turbocharged 4.0 TFSI V8. This, paired with an 8-Speed automatic, allowed the S8 to go from 0-60 mph in around 4 seconds. While that’s mighty quick for a massive luxury barge, Audi still knew that it had more potential. After some engine fiddling, Audi was able to squeeze out a monstrous 605 hp out of the same 4.0 TFSI engine for S8 Plus duty. It also boosted torque to 516 lb-ft, with 553 lb-ft available during overboost mode. With the extra torque and horsepower bump, the S8 Plus is now able to rocket from 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds, making it fastest and most powerful V8 luxury sedan in its class. It’s top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph, but an option to raise the limiter to 189 mph can be had. Make no mistake, though, unrestricted, this is thing is likely to crest 200 mph. This is one fast sedan.

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2016 Audi S8 Plus - Side In Motion



But it isn’t just more power that makes the Audi S8 Plus so special. It’s been fitted with special 21″ wheels, custom designed for S8 Plus duty, which wear massive 275 section tires. It also comes fitted with adaptive air suspensions and dynamic steering as standard, so it will ride as beautifully as it looks and will be rock-solid stable at triple-digit speeds. It also comes standard with  carbon-fiber reinforced ceramic brakes with anthracite-gray brake calipers and a sport exhaust, tuned by Audi’s Quattro GmbH. So the V8 will sound as powerful as it is.

2016 Audi S8 Plus - Front In Motion


There are some other visual cues to denote the specialness of the S8 Plus over the standard car. A small deck-lid lip spoiler, which is available in body color or carbon fiber, will adorn the trunk lid, mirror housings will be available in high-gloss black as well as carbon fiber, the singleframe grille is gloss black and the honeycomb side air inlets are painted matte black. It also comes with two oval exhaust pipes in black chrome. The Floret Silver matte-effect paint color is also an S8 Plus exclusive option and looks the business against the mixture of high-gloss and matte black trim. Gorgeous LED Matrix headlights will be available in Europe, but if the car makes it ‘Stateside, those won’t be available as they haven’t passed America’s ridiculous and antiquated headlight restrictions.

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2016 Audi S8 Plus - Steering Wheel

The interior looks as sporty and menacing as the exterior, with full black leather as the only option. It comes with Arras red contrast stitching throughout the cabin as well as Arras red piping on the seats. The headliner and rear parcel shelf are swathed in beautiful black alcantara. The interior trim is a wonderful mixture of Arras red, brushed aluminum and piano-gloss black. Instruments are grey dials with white numbers and pointers and the pedals are stainless steel.

Base price of this magnificent beats is 145,200 Euros ($157,859) and will be available in Germany at the end of November. No word on if it will ever make it to the US, but maybe if we beg Audi enough, it’ll send a few. This is an incredible car and one that will send other German competitors running and hiding. This Audi S8 Plus will not go gently…or slowly, into that good night.

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