2016 Audi S4 sedan caught without camo

The Australian publication, CarAdvice, has caught some glimpses of the 2016 Audi S4 running around town without wearing any camouflage. The go-fast version of the upcoming B9 Audi A4 is hotly anticipated and will be necessary to take on the BMW 340i and Jaguar XE S, so Audi better get this right.


From the pictures, the 2016 B9 Audi S4 doesn’t look much different from the A4, with little to distinguish itself as the more powerful sibling. Audi was particularly coy with rolling this car out onto the streets, as it has fitted it with smaller, less aggressive wheels and taken the badges off. However, the quad exhaust pipes are a dead giveaway. The new 3D grille and front air intakes will also be darkened for S4 duty, to give it some added aggression over the standard car.

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The current Audi S4 is a pretty inconspicuous machine itself, being a lot faster and more capable than it looks. As it doesn’t look much different from the standard A4. This new Audi S4 seems to be in keeping with that philosophy, as aside from the quad exhaust pipes and possibly darker grille, this S4 isn’t that different looking from the standard A4. Still, it’s a handsome looking car and its performance should make it one of the better sleepers on the road.

[Source: CarAdvice]
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