2016 Audi A4 receives Five Stars in Euro NCAP

The upcoming 2016 B9 Audi A4 is already bettering its competitors and it isn’t even out yet. According to the European NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme), the new Audi A4 has received Five Stars for its standard-fit multicollision brake assist system and for the optional Audi pre sense basic system.Multicollision brake assist automatically brakes the Audi in the event of an accident, thus reducing the danger of skidding as well as the risk of further collisions. Audi pre sense basic tightens the seat belt in hazardous situations leading up to a collision, and closes the windows and sunroof.

It’s not much of a surprise the the Audi A4 received such high remarks in Europe, as it has an large array of safety features. Audi’s Pre Sense City system monitors all vehicles and pedestrians around the car and in front of it and can judge if an collision is incoming. If there is a risk of a collision, the A4 will give the driver a visual and audible warning, telling the driver to brake. If that warning is disregarded, the A4 will jolt the brakes a bit to further warn the driver. If that warning is also disregarded, the A4 will do a full-emergency stop. The Audi Pre Sense system will also tighten the seat belts and start rolling up the windows in the moments prior to a collision to keep occupants as safe as possible and will also keep the brakes engaged even after the accident, to insure the car doesn’t continue to move or skid.

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2016 Audi A4

There is also an array of other assistance systems to enhance safety in the Audi A4. These include collision avoidance assist, turn assist and the exit warning. While collision avoidance assist helps the driver to drive around an obstacle, turn assist monitors oncoming traffic when turning across the flow of traffic at low speed. In a dangerous situation, it brakes the A4 to a complete stop, if necessary, to prevent a turn when there is oncoming traffic.The exit warning minimizes the risk of injury when opening the doors. LEDs that light up red warn the occupants not to open the doors when other road users are approaching from behind.

With all of the negativity surrounding the Volkswagen Group as of late, with the whole diesel scandal, it’s nice to see Audi developing a car that upholds the utmost importance of safety. This will give buyers another reason to trust the Audi brand.

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