2015 Frankfurt Motor Show: Audi A4 Avant Live Photos

We’ve all heard about the upcoming B9 Audi A4 sedan and Avant. We’ve even seen some stock picture of the two. But we’ve got some live photos from the Frankfurt Motor Show of the 2016 Audi A4 Avant and it looks even better in person.

Unfortunately for us Americans, we won’t be getting the Audi A4 Avant. Instead Audi is just giving us the Allroad, which none of us really want anyway. But the European market will be getting the A4 Avant, those lucky dogs, so let’s take a look at what us Yanks are too stupid to want.


The A4 Avant is mechanically the same as the sedan, but with a power-folding tailgate and loads more cargo space. It also is one of the better looking wagons on the market, if you ask me. The smooth roofline and steeply raked rear hatch look especially sporty. Other than that, though, it’s pretty standard A4, which is a good thing. This particular A4 Avant is the S-Line model, so it has some sportier touches to it.


The interior is also looks excellent in S-Line trim. That steering wheel is fantastic look, as are the seats and the rest of the dash. I love the clean minimalist approach¬†that Audi took when designing this interior. It’s easily best in class. Aside from looking excellent, the Avant also has loads of trunk space, making it that much more frustrating that it won’t be coming ‘Stateside.

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So if you live in any other market except North America and are interested in buying an Audi A4 Avant, or you are in North America and just want to look on in jealousy at what we won’t be getting, check these photos out.

Nico DeMattia

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