2015 Audi R8 V10 Plus gets a Canyon Cooper body wrap

The brand new 2015 Audi R8 V10 Plus has received a fully body Canyon Cooper wrap from HplusB Design. The striking hue suits Ingolstadt’s latest and greatest supercar quite nicely, but if you would rather have the paint and not just a body wrap, we’re sure Audi through its Individual offerings is willing to make this happen, but keep in mind that an Individual color costs an extra €3,100 and if you want a matte finish the price jumps to a whopping €7,400.

It should be mentioned that Audi is selling the new R8 with a Glut Orange paint that comes close to this Canyon Cooper hue and you can have it for a cool €3,100. The custom wrap has been applied on the range-topping Plus version which in Germany begins at a hefty €187,400 while the base R8 V10 kicks off at €165,000.

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The side blades come as standard with a carbon look, but you can ask Audi to paint them in ice silver, titan grey and other hues without having to pay more. Needless to say, the side blades can also receive an Individual color with or without a matte finish for an additional €1,080. We checked the German configurator and found out that if you go for an Individual color for the side blades it forces you to choose the matte Camouflage Green body paint that costs €5,500.

Adrian Padeanu

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