2015 Audi A4 shows off special Goodwood Green paint

Audi’s Italy division released on Facebook this week several images with a brand new A4 painted in Goodwood Green.

Green cars are not exactly popular in today’s world, because this color usually doesn’t work on any type of car. There are some exceptions though as some high-end exclusive models can be even more appealing with a rare color that makes the vehicles stand out even more. Maybe this Goodwood Green would look good on models such as the RS6 Avant, but on this A4 (B9), not so much.

Audi A4 in Goodwood Green
Audi A4 in Goodwood Green

It’s highly unlikely this will be a popular choice for the A4 taking into account it’s an Exclusive color so you have to pay a lot to get it. To be more precise, at home in Germany it will set you back a cool €2,400. Someone with the money to spend on an Exclusive color will likely opt for a different hue than this green shade.

Audi A4 in Goodwood Green

Besides the paint, this car here is a more expensive version as it’s an S line model with the matrix LED headlights, glossy black side mirror caps and the optional 19-inch rims. On the inside it has a rather lovely Cognac leather upholstery, the Audi Virtual Cockpit and the MMI Navigation Plus infotainment system with a 8.3-inch screen and MMI touch.

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