2012 Audi RS3: By the numbers

Here we see for ourselves what Autocar speculates the 2012 RS3 will look like when it storms onto the market in late 2011.  As we have previously reported, it is likely that the RS3 will be powered by the turbocharged 2.5 L in-line 5 currently found in the TT RS and produce the same 340HP figure. Insiders also report that the RS3 will come with the famed Audi 7-speed DSG gearbox and the new form of quattro with its torque vectoring differential which is currently found on the 2010 S4.


The RS3 is expected to do battle upon it’s launch with the 2010 Ford Focus RS – the new and incredibly popular hatchback which already pumps out over 300HP and the quirky BMW 135i, with it’s 306HP twin-turbo engine, also sold as a hatchback in Europe. Ironically, the Focus RS will also be sporting a 2.5L inline-5 cylinder similar to the RS3. Another interest fact is that 2012 is also around the time that the BMW 1 Series will be due for a entirely revamped model, so the RS3 will definitely have it’s work cut out for it. However, if these stats and this picture are any indication of what’s in store from Audi, then the RS3 definitely will not disappoint.

(Source: Autocar)