2009 S4 Avant: Best Audi to buy right now?

We’re jealous of Europe when it comes to new car releases. Why? Because nine out of ten times the European market and its journalists get their hands on cars three to six months earlier than we do across the pond in the U.S. As a result, Europe gets to break the news first on what many new cars are like to drive. 

We’re particularly jealous of CAR Magazine as they’ve had the new B8 platform S4 Avant for a whole week to bomb around in across the English countryside. For us Yanks in the U.S., don’t hold your breath on Audi bringing the S4 Avant here as, due to weak sales on the B6 and B7 S4 Avants, Audi had decided this market wouldn’t suit the wagon well. However, that doesn’t stop us from enjoying what others abroad have to say about the all-new 3.0 supercharged V6 and the torque vectoring differential coupled to the Stronic gearbox. 


And it seems those over at CAR Magazine have quite a lot to say about the new S4 Avant, calling it perhaps “the best Audi you can buy. Well, one not bearing the increasingly valued R badges, anyway.” 

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CAR Magazine goes on to state:

Here’s why. We needed something with plenty of storage space for a family trip, so the Avant practicality worked well. It’s nowhere near as roomy as our old A6 Allroad Avant long-termer, but the boot is reasonably sized at 490 litres and (more importantly) a good square shape. We whipped out the luggage cover, dog guard and Audi’s aircraft-style lashing equipment (all beautifully engineered gadgets – but they take up half the boot space!) and instead stuffed buggies, a pair of travel cots and more bags than you could shake a stick at. I’m sure I saw the wife smuggle the kitchen sink in there somewhere.

We needed something comfy. This was a family holiday, not a dirty weekend away. Audis of late haven’t had a great reputation for ride quality, but the S4 genuinely surprised with brilliant dispatch of the vagaries of rural British tarmac. As usual, with adaptive dampers they worked best in Auto mode rather than Comfort or Dynamic.

It was comfy in other ways too. Those chunky leather sports seats supported and held, the build quality exuded the usual Audi solidity that makes every prod of switch and pull of stalk a pleasure. And our S4 was bristling with options, including a double-length sunroof that bathed both rows in natural light.

Ok, ok, so the Audi S4 is practical. But it’s an S car! Is it fun too?


You bet. It was the surprising blend of the sensible with the sporty that most impressed me. The seven-speed S tronic box was a case in point. It really suits the S4, wafting us around Norfolk for 90% of the week in slusher mode, then pinging us up and down the ratios with a guillotine-style instant chop up or down the ‘box when we wanted to play.

So, it sounds like the perfect package: cargo space for the family, a great engine with stellar performance, good in the city and in the country and it won’t break the bank with its lower price than the previous generation S4. To hear what else the guys at CAR Magazine had to say about the S4 Avant, hit this jump!

(Source: CAR Magazine)