20 Audis wrecked after roof collapses at UK dealership

UK media is reporting no less than 20 Audis wrecked at a dealership in United Kingdom after a roof collapsed. It happened in Milton Keyes at an Audi dealership where the roof of a workshop caved, thus dropping 20 vehicles on the floor below and causing some extensive damages in the process. Some of the vehicles belonged to customers while others were owned by the dealership.

The cars fell through the hole which measured 100 ft by 65 ft and even though at the time of the incident there were some employees in the workshop, none of them suffered any injuries as all people were evacuated from the scene before the roof collapsed.

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Wrecked Audis
Wrecked Audis

There’s an ongoing investigation to find out what really happened on June 1 while 20 Audis damaged are now going through a major repair process to get back into shape as the customers are certainly not very happy about what happened at the dealership in Milton Keyes.

via The Telegraph

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