Spy Shots: Ducati Supersport 939 S Revealed

As we previously reported, Ducati was holding a private event during its World Ducati Week Festival to unveil a new vehicle. At the time, there were no details regarding what this new bike might be.
However, as is often the case with such “private” events, some photos from the exclusive unveiling have been leaked. What the photos depict is something really exciting, particularly for those of us whom thoroughly enjoy road riding.
The vehicle is dubbed the Supersport 939 S, and it is not a mere show bike, but is instead heading for production. There will also be a non “S” version available. Ducati has opted to revive the beloved Supersport moniker, and the result seems quite promising. Based upon the trellis frame from the Monster, this new bike is intended to strike the balance between the harshness of a Panigale, and the rather tame nature of a roadster, like the Monster.
Today, the term “supersport” generally denotes the most aggressive form of sportbike. As the owner of such a bike, I can attest to how these machines are often too severe for frequent road use. Though the new Panigale 959 has become even more operator friendly than the rest of Panigale family, the new Supersport lineup will cement its position as the clear choice for those whom enjoy sport riding, but refuse to compromise comfort entirely.
Then again, bikes which have attempted to achieve this balance, in the past, have generally failed to do so. Often their attempt to be good for both comfort and sport riding, leads them to be rather sub-par at both. Thus, the new Supersport will either represent the absence of compromise, or it will be disappointing all around. Based on Ducati’s recent performance, blending segments that seem to be inherently conflictive, I find myself unconcerned.
The X Diavel, and its ability to blend a cruiser with typical Ducati sport DNA has been very successful. Concomitantly, the Supersport family has the potential to be motorcycling greatness. Our peers at MotorcycleNews.com are reporting that pricing will begin at €13.000, and €15.000 for the S, respectively.
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