Grandfather Meets the Grandson: Ur-Quattro faces off with TTRS


If you love 5-cylinder engines from Audi then you’ve only got a very short list of cars to choose from. Thankfully, AutoCar posted a feature that shows off two of the best 5-cylinder cars in Audi’s history: the classic Ur-Quattro with its turbocharged 2.2L and the TT RS with its 2.5L turbocharged engine.


For those unaware, the Ur-Quattro(original Quattro) was the forefront of racing technology with the first generation of all-wheel-drive found in a car. Nearly 30 years later, the profileration of quattro all-wheel-drive across Audi’s vehicles has become the backbone of the Ingolstadt-based company and is captured very well with the 2010 TT RS. Taking the concept of the Ur-Quattro and continuing to refine it. How do the two of these cars stack up with nearly 30 years of age separating them? Well, check out the video above!

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